Tighten Your Body With Indiba Radio Waves.

Tighten Your Body With Indiba Radio Waves.

Indiba is thescience of applying the technology of radio frequencies in a frequency range ofabout 0.5 mhz (Mecca-Hertz) passes through the body, which will cause internalenergy conversion to a temperature of about 3-5 degrees Celsius, with twoelectrode heads used in the treatment. The first type is Capacitive Electrode(CET), used to increase blood flow and lymphatic fluid as well as help burn thesecond type of fat, Resistive Electrode (RET). It is used to stimulate specificlymph nodes and metabolize deep fat. Research has found that this level offrequency can make the skin firm, smooth, and effectively reduce wrinkles.

How does INDIBA work??

The use of radiowaves at 0.5 mhz causes the effect of Hyperthermia or artificial fever, whichis a safe and effective method. By raising the body temperature by about 3-5degrees Celsius (normal body temperature about 37 degrees Celsius) resulting inthe following effects:

1. Vasodilator Effect (vascular dilatation)

– increase the circulation of blood
– Add nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues.
– regenerate skin cells

2. It helps to stimulate and expel lymph or excrete waste from the body.

3. It helps to burn energy in the body, increase metabolism and break down fat.

4. stimulate the creation of more collagen

5. It makes your skin smooth, firmness

Results of INDIBA treatment

The study found that after the first INDIBA treatment, you feel skin tightening and reduced in proportion to the treatment area. The decrease in proportion is more or less dependent on skin and fat layer as well as age of individual patients. In addition, you will see a clear difference after about five times of treatment, as you can see from

Indiba Treatment Security

INDIBA is a very safe treatment because the elevated temperature does not exceed 42-C, and it is a temperature that occurs from within the body without any side effects can be treated daily while treating. You'll feel very warm and relaxed.